Sep. 1st, 2010

smb814: (SG1 Daniel Cameron Not Impressed)
Everybody else has already said this better than me, so I'm going to give the condensed version.

Facebook crossposting? Don't like, don't want, won't tolerate.

Twitter crossposting? Don't like, don't want, won't tolerate.

Livejournal? Keeping my fingers crossed that they change this cross-posting nonsense ASAP, or I'm going to have to seriously consider deleting my posts here and moving them all over to DW.

In other words, PLEASE DON'T DO IT. I can't imagine any of you on my f-list would, seeing as most people appear to be even more upset about it than I am, but still...just don't. If I wanted everyone in the world to see my f-locked posts, I wouldn't have f-locked them. And if I find out someone's been crossposting stuff on my LJ, I will ban and block you.

(Although I am amused by the fact that in under 24 hours, the original LJ announcement post already has well over 5,000 posts. Looks like LJ really hit a nerve with this one, eh?)

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