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This is more for my own reference than anyone else's, but just in case someone happens to be curious, here's a chronological listing of all the fic I've written and where to find it (if applicable). I'll be keeping this updated as I write more fics.

Paradox (1998) - Stargate SG-1/X-Files/Highlander crossover, novel-length. I think the Seventh Dimension archive still has a copy of it because they kept ignoring my repeated requests to remove it, but I haven't been there in ages to find out, so don't hold me to that. I've pulled it from everywhere else because, well, it was my first fic, it shows (i.e. poor writing, Mary Sues, characters not in character, etc.), and I'm just not comfortable having anyone read it anymore.

Jack O'Nella (1999) - Stargate SG-1, humor, a retelling of the "Cinderella" fairytale. Upon re-reading it, I've discovered that it was actually somewhat Sam/Jack in nature, which is a surprise because I don't ever remember intending it to be Sam/Jack -- it's not like I've ever been a Sam/Jack shipper -- but, well, it's not too shippy, really. Can be found on my LJ here.

The Geeky Anthropologist (1999) - Stargate SG-1, humor, a retelling of "The Ugly Duckling." It's just...weird. But at least there are no pairings, yay! Can be found on my LJ here.

Parallel (2000) - Stargate SG-1/X-Files/Highlander crossover, novel-length, sequel to "Paradox." Not available anywhere anymore, and I don't plan on sharing it ever again, mostly for the same reasons as "Paradox." Besides, it's pointless to share the sequel when the original isn't readily available anymore.

Bitter Pills (2001) - Stargate SG-1, Daniel/Janet friendship. A tag to the Season 5 episode "Threshold." There's not much to this one, but it accomplished what I wanted it to. Can be found on my LJ here.

Frozen Flame (2001) - Stargate SG-1, Daniel/Janet, Action/Adventure/Angst/Drama, novel-length and then some more, won a surprising number SG1 fan awards. My one and only real Stargate novel. Has only ever been partially available online -- the first half was posted to the web; the second half I've always made people request directly from me. It always amazes me that, years later, every few months I'll still receive an email from someone who either heard of this story through others and wants to read it or who downloaded the first half eons ago and then discovered they didn't have the second half. For the most part, I'm still happy with it, although it's extremely hard for me to re-read the original SG1 version now that I've rewritten it to be a real, non-Stargate, hopefully-one-day-publishable novel. ("But where's Aaron? And Jessie? And Nathan and Lynn? And Karl? And why isn't Kitty talking to Teal'c? And why isn't Teal'c creating illusions? And...and..." etcetera, etcetera.) I pulled it completely from the web a few years ago in anticipation of one day getting the rewritten version published, but I'll still send the original Stargate version out to pretty much anyone who asks for it.

Lost In A Kiss (2002) - Stargate SG-1, Daniel/Janet, Humor/Romance/SongFic. Based on the Mark Wills song of the same name. I was, and still am, pretty happy with this one, and it seemed to go over fairly well with the D&J crowd. Can be found on my LJ here and here.

Project Zero (2002) - Stargate SG-1, Daniel/Janet, Angst/Drama. I originally posted the first two sections online, but then I ran out of steam while working on the third part (probably because Stargate killed off Daniel right about that time, and even once he came back, they then almost immediately killed off Janet and I ended up slipping out of the D&J fandom altogether). At that point I realized I was never going to finish it and pulled it completely from the web. It's too bad, because I suspect I would have had a lot of fun playing with the cloning/baby/living-on-the-run premise. Not available anywhere online, and I refuse to send it out to anyone, either. This one taught me the hard way never to post a story publicly until I was completely finished with it.

Shattered Identity (working title) (2002) - Stargate SG-1, Daniel/Janet. Another long fic I started writing but never finished, mostly for the same reasons as "Project Zero." The SG1 producers really did a number to my writing muse when they killed off first Daniel and then Janet, didn't they?

The Cheater (2003) - Stargate SG-1. A short little piece that was written at 2 in the morning the night the spoilers for who was being killed off in "Heroes" first leaked. It was completely written, but I never finalized or posted it anywhere, and chances are I never will.

(2003-2005 was when I was busy rewriting "Frozen Flame," so there's no fan fiction to show for this time period. And no, alas, while the entire story is written, I still haven't finished revising it. I really need to get back to this, especially since I'm so close to being done with my first major revision!)

Zahara's Grave (working title) - (2006) Stargate SG-1, Action/Adventure. Yet another long fic I started writing but never finished, although Janet was never in this so I can't blame the producers for stopping this one. I just could never decide on some of the details for the island setting and get the necessary puzzles worked out, I guess. Would have been a Season 9, Cameron Mitchell-centric fic.

Battleground (2006) - Stargate SG-1, Humor. A short little thing inspired by those 100 fic challenges. Nothing special, but at least I wrote something! Can be found on my LJ here.

No Regrets (2006) - Stargate SG-1, Daniel/Vala, Angst/Drama, novel-length. This one was completely written and is probably readable as it currently stands, but because it was the first part of the trilogy, I didn't want to post it without the rest of the trilogy being at least fully written first. I actually liked how this one turned out, even though it was so very, very depressing. Maybe someday....

Past Imperfect (2007) - Stargate SG-1, Vala-centric with allusions to Daniel/Vala, Angst/Drama, novel-length. The second part in the "No Regrets" trilogy and, therefore, a sequel to "No Regrets." It, too, was completely written, but here again, I never finalized or posted it because I was hoping to get the third part finished first. Another one I'm fairly happy with and would like to post one day.

Tomorrow's Child (2008) - Stargate SG-1, Daniel/Vala, Angst/Drama, novel-length. The final part in the "No Regrets" trilogy. It's partially written, but...I honestly don't know why I never finished it. Was it "The Ark of Truth" that derailed my thought processes of where I was going with it? Or was it because, for the first time in over 10 years, I finally wandered away from the Stargate fandom and discovered a few other fandoms that captured my interest almost as much (first Tales of the Abyss, but then, even more so, Tales of Symphonia)? Maybe a combination of both? I'm not sure, but unless I can rekindle my Stargate interest and, therefore, my Stargate writing muse, I don't know that I'll ever be able to get back into this one. And that's too bad, too, because there were parts of this one that I was really looking forward to writing -- and because it'll prevent me from posting the first two parts of trilogy.

Mental Holiday (2008) - Tales of Symphonia, Zelos/Sheena, Character Study/Friendship/Romance/Drama, extremely long, can stand alone but is also the first part of a massive series, the Whatever Will Be series. For the first time in ten years, I discovered a world/character/pairing that interested me so much that it tore me away from the Stargate universe! And all for a video game that was released in 2003 but that I never played until five years later! I can't say this enough: Zelos is utterly fascinating. He's a cross between SG1's Vala and NCIS's Tony DiNozzio. Or maybe I should say he's Tony DiNozzio with Vala's tragic past and resulting defense mechanisms. And this coming from someone who completely ignored him and killed him during her first playthrough of the game. Now he's easily my favorite video game character of all time. This fic was written as a way for me to get into his head and try to figure out why he acts like he does and made the choices he did. Everything about this fic fell into place perfectly as I was writing it, and so I'm extremely happy with how it's turned out. The response to the story in the Tales of Symphonia fandom was surprisingly positive, hence why there will eventually be six sequels to it. Can be found on my LJ here, here, here, here, and here. Alternately, it's available over on as a single file here.

Trust Building 101 (2010) - Tales of Symphonia, Zelos/Sheena, Romance/Drama/Angst/Character Study, even longer than Mental Holiday, Part 2 of the Whatever Will Be series and a direct sequel to Mental Holiday. Because I'm insane, Mental Holiday has ballooned into a 7-part series, and this is the second part to it. I've always enjoyed writing character/relationship studies, but this series is the first time I've tackled them without having a massive plot driving the story along. It's a new direction for me, and I'm having a lot of fun playing with full-blown romance and drama, clouded by minimal angst. As for the links to this story...I'll post them once they're all active.

And that's it for writing for me. Hopefully there will be more to come in the future. :)
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