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So, Milwaukee flooded. Lovely.

My house is fine (so far, although we're apparently getting more rain tonight) but apparently our offices are lost causes. All the carpeting was soaked with not-clean water, computers that were sitting on the floor (like mine) were submerged, boxes were wrecked, papers were's a huge mess. We had at least 2-3 inches in the hallway there last night. The loading dock, just down the hall from us, was completely submerged -- those giant garbage bins where all the garbage collected in a university goes? They were *floating*. PC Support lost a good amount of their stuff, too, since their storage area is also right down the hall from us.

These are the offices they moved us into last summer. I'd like to know who thought shoving us in a basement that has been known to have flooding issues in the past -- and then not *telling* us that we'd be smart not to keep anything, like our computers, on the floor -- would be a great idea.

So now we're temporarily moving...somewhere...while they redo things due to 'environmental concerns.' We're not sure where yet -- probably to the downtown campus. Yippee, I love that drive so very much at rush hour in the morning and at night. I'm supposed to run in and pack up anything I think I might need for the next month. I don't have a clue where to start, especially if all of our stuff is going to be boxed away and unreachable for the next month.

Annual reports are coming due next month. So are handbook revisions. I was supposed to do a beginning-of-the-year supply order. And, oh yeah, school is starting next month so we have to get everything ready for that, too!

Apparently they sent out an email saying we weren't supposed to go in today, but I ended up going in anyway because a) I don't turn on my computer during a lightning storm, so I missed it when they sent it last night, and b) the email server was down this morning when I tried to check it and so I couldn't get that message.

Yep, this summer's been a real blast.

On the bright side, we're dogsitting for a darling puppy. She's a little time hog, and she always wants to play, and she's not exactly housebroken yet, but at least she's cute!

Hopefully everyone else's summer is going better than ours is!
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