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Halfway through March already, huh? Time just never slows down, does it?

Ah, well, life's been fine for me, I suppose. I've still been fighting off that darn stomach bug the past few weeks, but otherwise things are...okay. Nothing special, nothing awful. Since I'm procrastinating doing work right now (it's hard to get motivated when there are only, oh, five people on the entire floor because of spring break), I thought I'd take a stab at that Stargate meme that's been going around.

1. Who is your favorite SG-1 character?

Daniel, hands down, followed pretty closely by Vala, and then Cam. Yes, that's right, I'm one of the few people alive who actually adores Seasons 9 and 10 of SG-1.

2. Who is your favorite Atlantis character?

Not sure. Toss-up between Ronon, Teyla, and Sheppard, I suppose.

3. What is your favorite SG-1 episode?

Just one? Out of 200+ episodes? I have absolutely no idea! Oh, I'll just go with "200" because everyone's there, it's fun, and it parodies everything. Although I could happily do without the last 5 or so minutes of the episode. Except the fake Teal'c's last quote, of course. I loved that.

4. Who is your favorite villain? (in SG-1)

Baal, I suppose. I really like Adria, too.

5. Who is your favourite villain? (in Atlantis)


6. P-90 or Zat?

Zat. Good way to temporarily paralyze someone without permanently harming them.

7. you'll be…Jaffa or Tok’ra?

Tok'ra, I guess, but I'd rather not be either.

8. Goa’uld mother ship or X-303?

Oooh...definitely a mother ship. Love all the Egyptian decor.

9. Ori or Ancient?

Ancient, but not by much.

10. Who is the best O’Neill.. Kurt Russell or Richard Dean Anderson?

Richard Dean Anderson.

11. The best Daniel Jackson…James Spader or Michael Shanks?

Michael Shanks.

12. Asgard or Replicator?


13. Who is the best leader of Atlantis, Weir or Carter?

Eh...I wasn't exactly pleased with either of them. Sorry, Weir and Carter fans!

14. Who is best leader of the SGC...Hammond, O’Neill, Weir or Landry?

Toss-up between Hammond and Landry.

15. Jonas Quinn or Vala Mal Doran?

Vala Mal Doran. Definitely. Claudia Black is pure awesomeness.

16. Col. Mitchell or Dr. Fraiser?

Please don't kill me, Janet fans, but I have to go with Colonel Mitchell because of my love of Ben Browder and all things Seasons 9 and 10. But really, Dr. Fraiser isn't far behind him.

17. Who would you kill first...Apophis, Baal, Cronos, Hathor, Yu or Anubis?

Hathor, followed soon after by Anubis, and then probably Cronos and Apophis. I actually liked Baal and Yu.

18. Keller or Beckett?

I have no preference. Seriously. I like them both.

19. In a 1 on 1 fight, who would win...Teal’c or Ronon?

Ronon is younger, but Teal'c has *far* more experience in battle, so...I'm going to bet on Teal'c.

20. What is your favourite Atlantis episode?

Umm...I'm not sure I have a favorite episode. Maybe The Brotherhood because of the whole puzzle/historical stuff?

21. Carter or Mckay?

Probably Carter. McKay does nothing for me.

22. Dr. Bill Lee or Radek Zelenka?

Zelenka, although I love Dr. Lee, too.

23. Stargate the movie (1994) or The Ark Of Truth?

Ark of Truth, because I love the new team. But the 1994 movie started it all, so it's really hard to choose.

24. Major Lorne or Major Davis?


25. and finally, SG-1 or Atlantis?

SG-1. No question there. I enjoy Atlantis, but it just never clicked with me the way SG-1 did, probably because it's lacking the historical, mythological, and religious stuff that SG-1 thrives on -- and that I love.

In other news, I'm currently addicted to Tales of the Abyss. I can't recommend it enough to other RPG video game fans. I think it might even manage to break into my top 5 games list by the time I'm done with it. Although I was royally annoyed last night to completely lose Feres Island because I didn't go directly there and instead did a few other sidequests first -- and by the time I was done, it was nowhere to be found again. Seriously. I searched the entire ocean for an hour and never found it. I should *not* have had that much difficulty finding a moving island! Fortunately, I had an old save before doing those other sidequests, but I still had to redo over an hour of the game, including getting Luke's and Guy's ultimate weapons again from the coliseum, just so I could find it again before it drifted off to who knows where. *sighs*

Also, upon discovering that my Nintendo DS could play Japanese games without any modifications, I decided to buy two games (Xenosaga I & II DS and Tales of the Tempest, both completely in Japanese) to use as incentive for me to keep studying the language. I've always really wanted to play those two games, and neither has a chance of ever being translated into English and coming to the US otherwise, so it'll give me something to work toward. I might even have to consider getting a Sony PSP one of these days since that, too, can play any game made for any country, and there are definitely some games on the PSP that I'm interested in playing. That is one of the reasons I'm learning Japanese, after all, to play some of those games.

In Frozen Flame news, since I haven't posted anything related to that in ages, I've surpassed my word count elimination goal. Yay! Even better, I'm still not done with it (I'm currently working on chapter 49 out of 56, although I still have to completely finish cleaning up chapters 43-48 yet, too), so I'm sure I'll be getting rid of far more than that before I'm done. Double yay! One of these days I *will* actually update about that here with statistics again.

And now I suppose I should really get some work done.

Date: 2008-03-21 03:36 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hey, I'm glad you posted, I was wondering about you. :-D

You reached your FF word goal already? Yaaay! *bounces* *Eagerly awaits the final draft*



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